Problems of Joint Venture

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Management Pages: 6 (2059 words) Published: April 3, 2013
As well-known globalization has become more developed day by day and this is create more chance for employee work in other countries. Every company wants to develop oversea business and our company not an exception. Our company has sign a joint venture with a company in Vietnam and we will send two managers to that company for a period of three years. And this report will provide the information about why our company chose Vietnam to do the business? What the important things the manager has to know before they go? How our company can train them to do well in other countries?

Why we choose Vietnam to develop our business? Because Vietnam has been joining World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007 and it is create more chances for foreign companies who want to invest and open the business in here. Our company will send 2 managers to Vietnam to join with Vietnamese company. So our company has a program to train them to do well in a new company. This program will take $30,000 for 2 managers in 6 months.This price has been supported by the training company. We will send them to the training process of that company. Why I choose this company? Because this company is very successful in training the skill for manager and they know what is the best things for them to do well in the new environment. In this program they have to study in 4 areas there is culture of Vietnam, language and communication, ethic when they do the business or work with Vietnamese worker and the last one is business practice.

Proposal and training steps:
Dominguez said that “The cultural differences are the biggest problems-it’s the way people deal with people” Maloney states. That makes us feel how important the culture is for foreigner live and work in other countries with differences people. Differences culture has differences thinking so this training program will teach you how to deal with this and don’t be shock when you go to Vietnam. Vietnamese business culture is think highly of the first impress and seniority of that person. This term will study about Vietnamese business culture, it will take 2 weeks for you to understand and deal with this. There are 4 steps of training for you to understand and deal with Vietnamese business culture: * Step 1: You will be teach about the important point of Vietnam’s culture such as: people, the way people thinking and the way they work. * Step 2:You must understand Vietnamese business culture like how they do the business in here, what are the important things the firms need to do to be successful? * Step 3: Understand how the employees behavior in the company? The relationship between worker and worker, manager and worker. Then form that you can be well-know your workers and your company so you can make it easier to control and will have the best reward. * Step 4: After studying you must submit 1 assignment about what you have learn and from example of other firms successful on doing business in Vietnam what is the lessons and experiences you have learn not only for you but also for your business in Vietnam.

+ Language and communication:
As you know, when you go to other countries language is the first issue you must know. So in term 2,this program will teach you about the language and how you can communicate in the company and outside. In Vietnam, they speak Vietnamese and in some big city they can speak English also. If you want to come here to do the business you must understand their language, it is very important to identify the language for written and general communications. Especially, you are the manager of the company when you communicate with the workers you should know what are you talking about and make sure that the workers understand it clearly.If not it will lead to many bad effects because the manager and their employees are not successful, they don’t understand each others so the employees can not do their work, the productivity will decrease and it is directly...
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