Problems of Illiteracy and Its Effects

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Problems of Illiteracy and it effects
There is the general belief that education is an instrument for social, economic and political development. Evidence in support of this assertion can be found in the relationship between the level of educational development and the high standard of living in developed nations such as the United States of America, Britain, Canada, and Japan. Malcom X dropped out of middle school in 1940. In 1946, he was arrested for burglary and he was sent to prison. Later on in prison he met a guy called John Elton Benbuy who inspired Malcolm to get educated by reading in prison. Therefore, Malcolm read to solve his illiteracy problem. An illiterate is a person who is not able to read, write, and speak and listen. In simple language illiteracy means “lacking culture especially in language and literature.” According to Ronald Nash, there are three types of illiteracy, Functional illiteracy, cultural illiteracy and moral illiteracy (2). So illiteracy has broad meaning according to it type. Despite the fact that there is high educational development in the United States of America, Illiteracy is still a problem in the United States of America and what are some of the programs being set up to combat the problem of illiteracy?

An estimate of thirty million Americans over 16 years old cannot perform simple and everyday literacy activities such as reading road signs, reading a book, writing down the shopping list, painting and drawing. This shows that illiteracy is still a problem in the United States of America since part of the population cannot perform these simple routine tasks. They can’t read and understand basic stuff. For instance, an illiterate visits the hospital and sees a sign that reads do not enter but will enter the room since he/she doesn’t understand what is written there.

Sixty percent (60%) of America’s prison inmates are functionally illiterate and eighty five percent (85%) of all juvenile offenders have reading problems....

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