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Problems in Society

By Subzzz Oct 14, 2010 635 Words
One of the biggest problems in society today is the arguments over reproductive rights.  It is an issue that has been taken and used by members of the neo-conservative right in order to hijack the vote of citizens of faith. The difficulty of this issue is it is an easy knee-jerk reaction issue. No thought is needed, all a person hears is ‘killing babies’ and they suddenly become Republican.  Little consideration is given to the mother, society, or the Bible these leaders supposedly take their inspiration from. I’d like to take a moment to show why it’s not a clear cut issue in the most basic argument used, the religious one. Biblically there is more than enough support for the idea that some passages may actually support the idea of abortion under extreme circumstances.  In Ecclesiastes 6 while discussing the circumstances of “a man who fathers a hundred children” the comment is made “Better the miscarriage than he, for it comes in futility and goes into obscurity; and its name is covered in obscurity.  It never sees the sun and it never knows anything, it is better off than he.” This is a fairly clear instance of it being said better that one was never born, for a life of misery awaited. How is this different than the circumstances today where a child may be born to a family that hates it, but refuses to give it up? It suffers beatings and abuse until it grows old enough to strike back?  It is far better to allow those who wish children to raise them, and those who do not wish children to avoid having them.  There is also a passage in Leviticus 27 giving the value of certain groups for judicial reasons. Most interesting is that the child is not assigned a monetary value until it has passed a month in life. In Ezekiel 37 a soldier is being reformed and reanimated by God, but it is clear that no life exists without breath. The same is true for Adam when he is created, and in Genesis a pregnant women is burned at the stake.  Wouldn’t it be appropriate for the innocent fetus’s killers to then be burned under the old law, if indeed that fetus were considered a person? These are just a few examples where Biblical passages approach a definition of life. In no way are they absolute arguments for (or against) abortion.  As always, I encourage people to look them up and read the context, for most anti-choice passages are quoted incorrectly.  Out of context, I could show you why the Bible supports the mauling of children for mocking a bald man. So always look it up. The point though is that the passages cited cast some suspicion on the life at conception idea, and each person should make their own decision.  When they come to that decision, it is equally important that they allow others to do the same. It is not a clear cut issue.  Either way, some bad happens. It’s drastically worse though to force someone to have a child when they aren’t ready, potentially ruining the lives of both and damaging the other family around them. Our society is supposed to be free though. So let people make the choices necessary to find fulfillment when the time is right. When abortion was illegal, women were beaten to death by men who didn’t want to be fathers. The desperation at not having a child often translated into dangerous back ally operations that could scar them for life, if they survived. Most importantly, women were subject to their bodies, not the other way around. In a society where we strive for equality, none of that is acceptable. Ryan Hill


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