Problems in Foster Care

Topics: Attachment theory, Foster care, Reactive attachment disorder Pages: 4 (1710 words) Published: May 22, 2013
By dictionary definition foster care is a noun meaning, “supervised care for delinquents or neglected children usually in an institution or substitute home” (dictionary.refernce). According to federal definition “foster care is twenty-four hour substitute care for children placed away from their parents or guardians and for whom the stat agency has placement and care responsibility.” This also includes placing them into foster families, foster homes of relatives, emergency shelters, group living, residential homes, child care institutions, and pre adoption places, (TuCollaborative). The ideal foster care system is very beneficial because it helps keep children that “have no place else to go” (du Pont, 48) out of the streets and in safe, protective, loving, family environments, and the people that worked in this system cared more about the children’s well-being, then maybe the foster care system would be as beneficial as it’s supposed to be. Plus the many problems with corruption, families, and disorders the children get don’t get enough attention drawn to them and the help they need isn’t provided. Therefore this comes to the conclusion that, the ideal foster care system can be achieved if the many issues and problems revolving around and within this system are resolved. Corruption has one of the lead and starring roles within foster care. It shouldn’t be this way but it is. Bribery is a large part of the corruption. For instance families are getting paid to take in drug-addicted and mentally handicapped babies. The government pays the families for three months just to secure a spot for them to be taken in; then these families get paid so much money per month for however long the babies are in their care, (Adoption, 44). In reality most of these foster “families” wouldn’t be taking in these children and babies if they weren’t getting paid. Another thing, the state by federal law gets paid money for moving children out of the system and placing them wherever just...
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