Problems in Education

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Quality of Education Makes a Difference

Our education system needs attention, there are many issues and we have touched on a few, if just these were addressed it would spread and alleviate some of the others. Where is education on our list of priorities? What could possibly be more important? Without hesitation the best quality education for everyone should top the list, if this were so it would help eliminate many of the societal problems and open endless possibilities for our future. Our topic was problems with education and thinking about this was overwhelming because we came up with so many issues and could realistically talk about just a few so our journey consist of: funding issues and the importance of this is that the more money invested in schools produces better environments, better teachers, better courses, expanded teaching capabilities and students encouraged by this would exceed our expectations. Discrimination: with the change in funding we could eliminate the unequal standards of schools which would foster equal opportunities and hopefully come to alleviate poverty and a future with no need for discrimination. Benefits of arts: arts of variety expand imagination, open creativity, allow feeling, thinking and connecting with others, it fosters peace and appreciation of life and people. It could possibly be a bridge to a cure for hostility and negativity in schools. It has already proved to better skills and performance in academic studies. No child left behind: A absolutely good idea but the program itself has many problems, the idea that every child gets equal education is great, but the standards of teaching to a test stifles the learning possibilities and the variety of what is being taught. It hinders growth, imagination, creativity and delivers a very narrow scope of living skills or what we encounter in or contribute to society. Being well rounded means having a broad educational background, fully developed varied abilities and well balanced in range or variety of aspects, this cannot be possible when teaching to memorizing tests. Looking into or fixing any one of these individually would not give what is needed in our education system, in combination or simultaneously would be big step in working in the right direction. Ignorance is lack of knowledge, and if everyone is educated on an equal field we could safely say that ignorance would be wiped out. We may still have some that think and act unintelligently but there would be few, by widespread education we as a society could possibly not have some of the pressing problems that we face today. With diligence and encouragement we could make great strides and changes in our society that would benefit all. We could see less addiction, less need for government assistance, dwindling of prisons, families intact, more caring of other people, less crime, no shortage of needed jobs, much less discrimination, standards higher, better possibilities in government and our next generation making better choices with other societal issues. All because education becomes a priority and we will have fully developed, well balanced educated people with a varied range and variety of abilities to make our world better. We chose education because it is the best start for things to change, without education many may not see what needs to change or how to make the changes. Education as a priority is the jumping off point.

Funding is a large problem in education. Though education is inarguably an extremely important asset, it is constantly getting the short end of the funding. Though funding varies from state to state, it is safe to assume that the more money that goes to our education, the better we will all do. By funding schools we invest in our future and American competitiveness. With better education more Americans will be able to find jobs to support themselves or their families; we will also solve many...

Bibliography: Baker, Beth – (2012) “Art Education” Retrieved from: CQ Researcher, volume 22 issue 1
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