problem you face daily

Topics: Economics, Placer County, California, Unemployment Pages: 3 (544 words) Published: October 19, 2013
Problem People Face Daily

People face problems in everyday life.Not all people and families have the same problem.

In todays’s society, families have struggled to meet their financial needs.One of the most

important is money problems.For instance some families live check by check every week.

For example both parents need to work now days not unless the husband or wife is

president or CEO of some sort in the company.Than perhaps there can be a stay home

mom or dad but unfortunately I see both parents working to meet all their financial needs.

First is having money to pay their mortgage payment to keep a roof over their heads

and utility bills.Also they need extra money to put food on the table.Another is making

sure they have to save money on gas to make sure they have enough to use for travel to

work and school.If people using two cars at the same time it will be more expensive.

Instead using two cars they are just decided to use one car to save more money on gas. In

this situation people may ride the bus and others might carpool it depends on different

families.A second problem would be the thought of being laid off from their job knowing

how the works industry is.For instance one day you have a job and then the next day

you’re facing the unemployment line.For example I had one year contract job with the

State of California and the contract ended sooner than I thought and further more I

couldn’t collect unemployment benefits so now I’m having struggle to meet my financial

problems.Third there are other problems families have to face besides money.Worries

there health issues like long term illness for example cancer may occur,rare diseases and

high blood pressure those are just a few that I mentioned but there are a lot more.Just to

think some families can’t even afford medical insurance they were refuse to get check by

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