Problem Statement Survey

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Problem Statement Survey

Problem Statement Survey
In today’s society a recession seems to happen at least once every decade. Each time a recession happens the unemployment rate goes up sky high and companies drop like flies and start filling bankruptcy. Small and large companies alike seem to always layoff staff in order to resolve their shortcomings in finances. This maybe a result of the recession or it could be an effort to take advantage of the recession label and clean house within their staff to reduce their annual labor costs. However, staff reductions do not always produce the desired results and on occasion causes a larger loss of profit than the intended results of keeping a company afloat. This research document will help to prove that a company which minimizes or does not have staff reductions and continues to give merit increases during a time of recession can show larger profit overtime and be more successful than a company that does the opposite.

Survey Examination
The employer salary survey addresses the staff reduction problem by examining the different levels of salaries within a company. It will help to identify possible pay rate level issues, labor costs influenced by staff reductions, benefit issues compared to salaries, and customer base loss compared to staffing issues.

The survey is somewhat appropriate for the business problem stated but may be too personal for employers to complete. On the other hand if an employer took the time to complete the survey and was provided the results they could gain invaluable information about their business decisions. They would be able to compare themselves to the rest of the business world and see if they are making the right decision or wrong decision in this area of their business. If they found out that companies where actually making more of a profit by not doing staffing reductions and by continuing to give merit increases then they may change the way they view this economic...
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