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Topics: Employment, Labour economics, Wage slavery Pages: 2 (283 words) Published: February 6, 2010
WEEK 3 – Summary of research problem and research objective


In this study researcher seek to determine a match between the duration of unemployment and the duration of education among youth in Malaysia. Unemployment among the youth is on the rise in many countries over the last decades. Up to this point, there is no research being conducted to scrutinize the employment process from school to work. Therefore, this research is carried out to analyze the labor market entrance of the youth by focusing on the unemployment status of the youth after completion of formal schooling over an 18 months period and the mismatch between education and work at the early stage of working life.

The problem statements for this study are:

1. To what extent the level of education influence the duration of unemployment.

2. Can highly educated workers being absorbed faster into the job market compared to those who are not.

3. What are the possibilities of other demographic variables that influence the inclusion into the labor market?

4. Does a possibility of mismatch between education and work during the early stage of employment exist?


The objectives of this research are:

1.To study whether the duration of unemployment is strongly influenced by the level of education by analyzing the transition process from school to work.

2.To show the empirical evidence of the match between the duration of education and the duration of unemployment. 3.To analyze the mismatch between education level and work during the early stage of the working life taking into account minimum criterion for job entry.

4.To explore other demographic variables that influences the inclusion into the labor market.
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