Problem Solving Process

Topics: Employment, Improve, Job interview Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: March 10, 2013
To investigate the problem in question I will use the steps suggested in this week’s material in order to refine the problem. Step one- Working Out the Details, it will be important to ask myself questions such as, how fair is the treatment received from this co-worker? How fair is the treatment received from the supervisor and company overall? Who could I have talked to about the problem? Do I have witnesses to collaborate my story? Do I have evidence to help me support my testimony? Is there anyone else under the same situations as I am? Where can I find a company policy manual to back up the unfair treatment? Has this gotten to the point that an attorney should be involved? All of these questions are necessary in order to clarify what the problem is and advance to the next step. Step two- Finding Imperfections and Complications, on this step I will have to have cleared what the solutions is; how can the unfair treatment received from the coworker and supervisor be changed? Also how it affects others in the workplace, and how it can hurt the company. Then, step three- Making Improvements which in this type of situations it should always happen. Discrimination and bullying is not a fair way to be treated at the workplace, therefore there should be immediate improvement in the company’s policies. Also the employee should not be afraid to walk up to Human Resources and worry that they will turn you down, because in fact it is against the law, which is something that they as a company need to improve. The best solution to this problem is not running away from it, and giving up like I did in the past, I just ran away from the problem which did not solve anything, in addition there could be someone else in the same situation right now to scare to speak up.
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