Problem-Solving and Age Care

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Rich Picture for the Age Care Charity
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Key Act ors, Key Issues and Conf lict s of Age Care
As a result of developing our rich picture, in our rich picture, the key actors are centre manager, assistance manager, administrative support staf f , lead worker, administrator, local volunteers, f ull time staf f , inf ormation quality of f icer, trustees, director of central administration, f inance of f icer, elderly people, education coordinator, project leader (GreenDrive project) and chief executive of f icer. Doctors, hospital clinics, local government agency, charitable, donation and individual are outside the Age Care boundary. In our rich picture, there are 15 centres and there are a centre manager and an assistance manager of each centre. Centre manager and assistance manager control and manage the project. And there are administrative support staf f s who support to centre manager and assistance manager. And the project of Age Care starts if it has f unds f or two years. Centre manager wants to manage their own f inance. Centre manager thinks why we need to develop the management inf ormation system. And centre manager uses MS Excel and it is convenience f or him/her. So, centre manager don't welcome to develop management inf ormation system. And assistance manager thinks of running of centre and other projects. An assistance manager concentrates on project and centre. T hese two manage the project. Administrative support staf f s provide assistance to any of project. T hey always support the centre manager and assistance manager. T here is a lead worker in Age Care who control project and he/she wants to progress project condition. And there is administrator who collates inf ormation considers that we need a website to advertise. An administrator wants the new system to be simple. An administrator expects that the new database will help f or collation inf ormation f rom each of the projects. And there is inf ormation quality of f icer who collects data f rom project and provide inf ormation to trustees. He/she wants a central database. If so the people can enter inf ormation to through the internet. T he inf ormation quality of f icer worries to f orget that this is meant to be Age Care system. T he inf ormation quality of f icer wants everybody of GreenDrive project to remember that GreenDrive is to be Age Care system. T he trustees are inside of the Age Care charity. T he trustees exist in Age Care boundary and the inf ormation quality of f icer has to repot to trustees. And there are local volunteers who help f or running project. T hey want to get job skill and experience, so they work at Age Care charity. T hey don't hope to get money as they are volunteers. T hey only hope job experience. And there are also f ull time staf f s who have to work upon project size and project f unds. T hey worry that they can participate in next project. T hey can work when the project size is large and the project f unds is enough.

enough. T here is conf lict between people and people who control the project. Because the people who include in project can have the same thought but can have dif f erent views concerning with project. At that time, there can be conf lict. Everybody can have same thought but has dif f erent views. T he one who wants to do cannot same with the one. At that time, conf lict can occur. T here is an education coordinator who arranges education courses and education coordinator. An education coordinator knows that elderly people have no enough money. And education...
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