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A) The students can go to the computer lab to do this, because an instructor wants students to have extra practice in a subject (such as reading or math.) B) Students may also want to use computer labs for reports and papers, because most instructors require neatly type assignments. C) If some students don’t have access to the Internet at home, they may use computer labs at school to find information on the Web for their assignments. D) Sometimes students may use computer labs at school to type their papers and assignments, because it is more convenient for their schedules. E) Textbooks offer extra practice or quizzes on a Website, because instructors may require their students to complete these.

D. Completing Sentences on Your Own.
1) Distant learning classes take place in virtual classrooms, because it is a lot more helpful for students to understand. 2) Some students take online classes because they may feel more comfortable using a computer. 3) Other people do not take classes online because others may learn more a lot better being present in a classroom. 4) Students may meet for an online class in a regular classroom several times during the semester if the students need to understand the class they are taking better. 5) If a student wants a flexible schedule to do work for a class they will make time in their schedule. 6) Online classes allow students to earn credits through computer work because it is a lot easier working at your own paste. 7) Students in online classes can interact with their classmates because they can message each other from their computers to ask questions about assignments. 8) In distance education if an instructor wants to give a test he may do it electronically.
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