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Problem Posing Paragraph - Strong Topic Sentences

By Golec Oct 06, 2008 459 Words
Strong Topic Sentences

Does a strong topic sentence make a difference in the way readers will view your work? A topic sentence could be the key to hooking your readers, or losing their interest just as fast. The position you are stating in your first sentence helps the readers become immediately oriented with your topic, and gives them a brief description of your idea. The topic sentence is a very helpful aspect in unifying your work, because it serves as a main idea that all other sentences will support. Not having a strong topic sentence could be problematic in the way of your reader not understanding your idea completely. `Learning how to write a strong topic sentence isn’t going to be something that comes easy. The time spent on creating a good topic sentence could seem like forever. It is all part of creating one that you feel expresses your idea clearly and completely. Eventually, you will come up with the perfect sentence that will help your readers relate to your supporting sentences. Without the help of the topic sentence, your supporting sentences may seem like they have no direction. Understanding how to write strong topic sentences is the key to writing well put together papers. There are so many benefits that come from writing with strong topic sentences. First off, just writing your paragraphs seem to go a lot smoother when you have a set idea to build on. Second, your paper will come out sounding a lot more professional. Your paper will be in a more unified, reader-friendly format and will get your idea across the way you intended. Lastly, the structure and the mechanics of your paper will be in a more well put together format. On the other hand, using a topic sentence isn’t always the way to write your paper. Sometimes you may need to start your paper with a different type of introduction, like a quote or a question. The use of a topic sentence is limited to persuasive and informative essays. Once you understand when to properly use a topic sentence, your writing can only improve. So does a strong topic sentence really make a difference, or is it the content of the paper that makes the defining factor?

I feel that a strong topic sentence is a major factor in how a paper comes out. It makes writing the paper flow a lot better when your idea is clearly stated and ready to build off of. It can also have the same effect as a hook in a song; it could be catchy and make people want to keep reading. The content of your work is definitely important, but a strong topic sentence is a major bonus.

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