Problem Of Stray Dogs

Topics: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dog, Sarajevo Pages: 13 (2744 words) Published: April 1, 2015

1. Dogs in the 21st Century 3 1.1 Introduction 3 1.2 Scientists attempt to understand dog 4 1.3 Importance of Oxytocin / hormone of love 4 1.6 DNA research 5 1.7 Dogs Interpret Signals Better Than Chimps 5 1.8 Dog DNA hold vital clues in the fight against disease 5 1.9 Conclusion 6 2. Problem of Stray Dog in Bosnia and Herzegovina 7 2.1 Introduction 7 2.2 Stray Dog Attacks 8 2.3 Authorities and Law 8 2.4 Implementation of euthanasia 9 2.5 Dog Trust campaigns 9 2.6 Conclusion 10 2.7 Sources 11 2.8 Glossary 12 2.8 Glossary 13 1. Dogs in the 21st Century

1.1 Introduction
We have relationship with dogs closer than with any other animal on the planet. We love them like no other animal. Today we are starting to realize how important that relationship could be. In future what impact might dogs have on all our life? We treat dogs as they are human beings, with all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a family member. It is incredibly close relationship, we share our life, homes even beds with them. But while in the Britain scientists are treating dogs as human being, in Bosnia and Herzegovina people are trying to put them to euthanasia.

1.2 Scientists attempt to understand dog
Scientists are now attempting to understand dogs like never before. How deep is the bond between us, where did this relationship come from and ultimately why is it dogs that are best man friend? In Public Science Center at University of Lincoln, using newest technology, Professor Daniel Mills is trying to see the words from dog perspective and to discover if dogs are as good at reading...
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