Problem Of Immigration Essay

the borders were in 2006. Most illegal immigrants came to America primarily for improved jobs and in the process add worth to the U.S. Economy. Yet, they add value to U.S. economy, but by coming here, they take away value by failing the legal and national security environment. Immigrants might not pose no direct security threat, but the existence of millions of undocumented immigrants alters the law, diverts resources, and effectively creates a cover for terrorist and criminals, which is bad for the United States! Other problems that immigrants cause is that ignoring the law has become the standard, which makes the jobs of terrorist and drug traffickers extremely easier. (Kane & Johnson, 2006, Para. 4-5)
On flip side immigration in the United
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Some are drawn to new places by pull factors, others find it tough to continue where they are and migrate because of push factors. Historically some were transported, sold into slavery, left because of poverty, hunger, or discrimination. Immigration numbers have risen rapidly in the last decade. In 2013, there were thought to be over 230 million international immigrants in the U.S. (Embrace, n.d. Para. 1)
Immigrants are drawn to the United States, UK, or even Ireland by the pull factors. Two of the pull factors are the telephone and internet. The internet and telephone make it easier for the immigrants to access information and get what exactly what they are looking for. Another pull factor is people are drawn to stable social equality where human rights and religious freedoms are more likely to be respected. The last pull factor is that the young people move in order to get better jobs or improve their qualifications in the workforce. (Embrace, n.d. Para. 2)
Additionally, they are negative push factors that add to the reasons why the immigrants migrate to the United States or wherever else place they choose to go too. One of the push factors is lack of prospects for career advancement. The second two are low salaries and high occupation rates. And last reason is due to natural ruins,

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