Problem Gambling and Monetary Issues

Topics: Problem gambling, Addiction, Gambling Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Negative Effects of Gambling
Gambling is the act of wagering money on an activity that has an incalculable outcome (Oak). Harmful behavior can be pursued by gamblers as well (Oak). The sport takes precedence over everyday demands. Gambling is a dangerous habit that leads to an addiction and it is morally wrong. It is also a high cause of family and monetary issues.

To begin, the addiction of gambling is very harmful and changes people. A gambling addict follows certain behaviors such as being secretive many also exhibit mood swings (Oak). Addicts may begin feeling as though they are depressed, anxious, faint, or a lack of ability to sleep (“Compulsive Gambling Addiction and Treatment”). Gambling can become a strong passion that takes over; it gives way to crimes like theft and forgery (Torr 23, 51). Most Gamblers use gambling as a way to hurt themselves because they are insecure (“Compulsive Gambling Addiction an Treatment”). This is a result of the lack of care one has making it harmful to the gambler.

In addition, a gambler gets into monetary issues without any intention. Addiction gamblers are those who spend everything they have without control and cannot stop (Oak). This type play without caution spending and not caring whether they win or lose (Oak). Those who are most likely to become addicts are unemployed males between their 20s-30s (“Compulsive Gambling Addiction and Treatment”). A compulsive gambler usually gets started by having one big win and afterwards can’t contain themself (“Compulsive Gambling Addiction and Treatment”). This addiction in particular can be considered a disease (Torr 53). It leads to reckless spending that can hurt their altogether income and because of unconscious action of doing so, gambling is considered a disease.

Even more so, the sport began to be considered an addiction. Gambling became recognized as an addiction in 1980, “The American Psychiatric Association classified gambling as a disorder of impulse in its...
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