Problem facing Education

Topics: Education, Child, Teacher Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: March 9, 2014
Problems Facing Education Today include; lack of adequate funding for education, the fast-paced changing face of the job market. The poor pay for educators both in terms of reliance on part-time instructors and low pay in general and the increasing infringements on academic freedom that make this area important for civil authorities and protection of lawful rights in the classroom. 1) Too much government interference in the teaching programs.  2). Corporal punishment not allowed. Not beatings, but spankings need to be reinstituted.  3). Children (most) have no parental control. 

4). Political correctness interfers with speaking plainly so students understand.  5). Monitoring of dress codes. 
6). Oversized classes. 
7). Parents not accepting responsibility for their childrens behavior/actions.  8). Most parents not willing to assist children with learning.  9). Authorities want teachers to act as policemen. 
10) Authorities and parents expect educators to teach moral/ethical values.  11). As students age, the respect for educators diminishes accordingly.  12). Accepting vulgar words/comments under the guise of freedom of speech.  13). Teaching students personal hygiene. 

14). Not being allowed to teach for understanding, but to pass State and Federal mandates.  15). Having special needs students being put into regular classes.  16). Having the possibility of students threatening teachers.  17). Very little support/ back-up from administrators. 

18). Reduction or no supplies for the students. 
19). Listening to the troublemakers' parents claiming that their child would do no wrong, even if caught red handed.  20). Parents not attending Parent-Teacher Night to discuss their child's problems.  21). In many districts, required to be an "advisor" for clubs, student organizations, athletics, etc or not be allowed to teach.  22). Always the possibility of being sued for some reason or another.  23). Always trying to make finances last from month to month.  24)....
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