Problem and Solution Unit

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Problem/Solution Unit Plan

Lesson 1
Introduction to Problem/Solution
- Tell the students that we will be starting the Problem/Solution Unit - Have students work with a partner to answer the questions, ‘What is a problem?’ and ‘What is a solution?’ - Come together as a class and discuss their answers to the questions, ‘What is a problem?’ and ‘What is a solution?’ ~ Make a list, or working (developing) definition of the both ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ on the board - Present “actual” definitions of both ‘problem’ and ‘solution’ to class - Show students an example of a problem and solution

~ Problem presented in picture form, solution presented in picture form - Have students fill in the Problem/Solution column in their text structure table Problem/Solution Group Practice
- Give the students problems and have them work with a partner to develop solutions
~ Problem: You forgot your gym shoes at home.
~ Problem: Angela didn’t do part of her homework.
~ Problem: Grace’s friend is mad at her because she forgot her birthday. ~ Problem: Sally’s parents are upset with her because she broke their favorite flower vase. - Give the students one problem at a time and have them develop a solution - Come together as a class to discuss the different solutions

~ Make a list on the board of the different solutions
~ If a solution is repeated, make a mark next to it
- Example: 1) Give the students the first problem. 2) Have the students work with a partner to come up with a solution. 3) Come together as a class to discuss the solutions. Give the students another problem etc.. ASSESSMENT

-Exit Ticket!!
“What is a problem?” and “What is a solution?”

Lesson 2
Quick Review
- Lesson 1’s exit tickets – address misconceptions
- ‘What is a problem?’ and ‘What is a solution?’
- Signal Words
- Signal questions
Individual Practice
- Give the class a problem and have the students individually develop as many solutions as they can - Come together as a class and discuss the possible solutions ~ Make a list of solutions on the board

- Give the class a solution and have them list possible problems
~I cleaned up the mess.
- List the answers on the board
Small Group Practice
- In small groups, read a short passage
~Olympics paragraph
One problem with the modern Olympics is that it has become very big and expensive to operate. The city or country that hosts the games often loses a lot of money. A stadium, pools, and playing fields must be built for the athletic events and housing is needed for the athletes who come from around the world. And all of these facilities are used for only 2 weeks! In 1984, Los Angeles solved these problems by charging a fee for companies who wanted to be official sponsors of the games. Companies like McDonald's paid a lot of money to be part of the Olympics. Many buildings that were already built in the Los Angeles area were also used. The Coliseum where the 1932 games were held was used again and many colleges and universities in the area became playing and living sites. - Introduce the chosen Problem/Solution graphic organizer in small groups

~Students fill out individual graphic organizers in small groups - Discuss as a group, “What is the problem?”
~ If the group disagrees, students may have to defend their answer(s) – must come to a conclusion -Discuss as a group, “What is/are the solution(s)?”
~ If the group disagrees, students may have to defend their answer(s) – must come to a conclusion - The students should each write the problem(s) and solution(s) in full sentences
~ The problem is ….
~ The solution is …
Class Discussion
- Discuss the problem(s) and solution(s) each group decided on ~Have one group read their problem – ask the other groups if they agree with their classmates (use thumbs up and thumbs down) ~ If groups disagree, have them share their answer (problem) – discuss as a class to come to a conclusion *** Repeat above steps for...
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