Problem Analysis Pronunciation Problems with Words That Show Similarity in Two Languages

Topics: English language, Vowel, Spanish language Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: August 24, 2011
Problem Analysis
Pronunciation problems with words that show similarity in two languages: As there are many words in English that are similar to Spanish, students of ELL tend to mispronounce many words because they pronounce them as they were in Spanish. According to Lado (w.d.) the problem here is they most of the time do this again and again. The examples are words like pino, vino, fino, benigno because they are cognates with pine, wine, sign, benign and they tend to say in the way they do in Spanish. The following are the ways of pronouncing the same vowel sounds: for English /i/ represents the diphthong /aI/ and /i/. That is why ELL tend to interpret in this way. Perception of phonemic contrast through nonphonemic sound features

According to Lado (w.d.) this occurs when a determine speaker says a word to other person and that word can be misinterpreted as other because of the lengthening and the vowel quality. For example with the words beat and bit, because if the speaker pronounces beat with short i /I/ it can be misunderstood from the listener, because he or she can understand bit. That is why Spanish speakers have problems with this due to in Spanish there is just one /i/ sound and for them it is the same to say /bIt/ for beat or /bIt/ for bit. Perception and production of a phonemic difference through different structural interpretation

Based on Lado’s ideas, Spanish speakers can perceive and produce English words with vowel sounds similar to Spanish. For example the vowel sound /e/ and the diphthong /ei/ because in Spanish there are both of them. The cases can be in the Spanish word seis (six) and sé (I know) respectively. That is why this vowel sound is not a great problem for ELL because it can be easily identified in a speech. The same occurs with /[pic]/ and /o/ because Spanish speakers have that vowel sound. Cognates are words in two languages that share a similar meaning, spelling, and pronunciation in some cases when they are not false...
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