Problem Analysis

Topics: Sweden, Swedes, Finland Pages: 3 (654 words) Published: May 3, 2006
Problem Analysis

In this assignment, I have chosen to discus a topic that is not only a very pressing issue in this modern society, but also seems to have been forgotten by many politicians and therefore needs to be placed in the spot-light once again.

This problem could best be described as a conflict between the many ethnical minorities that live in Sweden, and their relation to our society, the Swedish general population and the government. Every day, we read in the newspapers about how different gangs, consisting of youths with different ethnical backgrounds (Swedish youths are an obvious minority in these gangs), have been involved in various illegal activities, such as assault, robbery and so on.

The members of these groups, or gangs, have a few things in common. First of all, most of them have only lived in Sweden for a few years (that, or their parents moved here before they were born). Secondly, their school situation is not very good; they have poor grades, poor attendance and they often get into conflicts with teachers and other students (mostly verbal but also real fights).

You could therefore say that these youths live a very destructive way of life. They have no respect for authorities, they tend to get involved in conflicts very often and they also seem to have no hopes for the future.

So who should be blamed for this?

In my opinion, the youths themselves are not to be blamed. Though they are responsible for their own actions, there are also several other reasons that must be considered.

First of all, Sweden's integration policies should take some of the blame. It is true that thousands of people have been "saved" by being granted asylum in Sweden, but once "saved", these families seem to be forgotten very shortly. They have a lot of difficulties getting jobs and therefore it is not easy for them to live tolerable lives. Instead, they get placed in suburbs like Hammarkullen, Rinkeby and Bergsjön - almost completely isolated...
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