Probability and Statistics Project - Whether Maintain Laf Club or Not

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Lecturer: Chu Nghĩa
Tutor: Chu Nghĩa
Tutorial: 7
1. Lê Thị Thanh Thủy: 0904040086 2. Chẩu Thị Liễu:
3. Phạm Thị Thúy Hằng
4. Nguyễn Thị Thùy Anh
5. Đỗ Thị Thùy Linh
6. Vũ Thị Thu Thủy
7. Hương
8. Nga
9. Dương Thị Xuyên
Submission date: 9th December, 2011


During the period we conducted this research, we received great support from our instructors and students within Faculty of Management and Tourism. Hence, we would like to represent our special thanks to Mr. Chu Nghia, our Probability and Statistics teachers for their valuable guides. In addition, we are truly grateful to all FMT students, who spared their time and efforts to fulfill our survey questionnaire. However, this is the very first time we have ever carried out a quite formal project in specialization majors as the Probability and Statistics one; we faced up with some unavoidable mistakes and irrelevance. Therefore, we wish to continually receive your proposals in order to enhance skills and get some experience for future researches.

1. Introduction

Hanoi University is a school applied foreign books, and mainly from Australia. That requires students to study, do homework, talk in English, which makes students access to English and foreign knowledge more than others. However, it has two aspects, because learning English, many students do not understand the nature of the subject, do not understand what it means. Study major in Vietnamese was hard, study harder in English. Many students experience stress because of subjects, especially the final exams period, while knowledge is not fully understood. As a consequence, many students took the test again, and retake the subject. According to FMT (faculty of management and tourism) graduation result in last year, the percentage of graduates is about under 60%. Understanding this, there was a club called LAF coming out, in order to help some students who are probably not good at major subjects to pass exams. Interestingly, president of the club is a FMT student- excellent student, and tutors are too. The club is usually opened some days before final exams; a class contains about 10 people. the club has been opend a year, so not many students know, especially new course. Being one of members of the club, it is investigated to answer the question whether maintaining the club or not.

In order to draw conclusion about this issue, we examine four primary questions in our project: Do you feel worry before taking final exams? Do you know LAF club of FMT? What do think if LAF club helps you review lectures and explain what you do not know before final exams? Do you often take part in LAF review classes? What do you think how many times LAF should be opened in a week? In some questions, we divide the answer into a number of answer categories to adapt the distinctions between individuals. In contrast, question 2 we design the question with “YES”, “NO” answer. Besides, these enable us to evaluate its real impacts of maintaining the club. The data used in this report is acquired from a survey carried out within Faculty of Management and Tourism (FMT). We use simple sampling method to select random names from student list of FMT students by applying excel function =randoombetween( ), and deliver the questionnaires. Therefore, we are confident that the data obtained achieves a fairly high level of genuineness and quite reliable to take further research.

Via this project,...
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