Proactive Tactics

Topics: Crime, Police, Criminal law Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: December 14, 2008
Proactive Tactics

The three proactive tactics I have chosen to write about that are used to enhance traditional patrol techniques are listed below.

1.Decoy Operations
Sometimes the officers try to blend in, while on patrol and wear regular clothes depending on what is needed at the time. This allows the officers to catch the criminal in action without the criminal even knowing they are present. In a small way, the officers are playing a role somewhat like an actor would. They are often disguised as a potential victim such as the elderly, or a tourist or whatever else has been the target of crime lately. They wait until the criminal strikes, then backup will come in and assist and apprehend while the crime is being committed. I think this tactic is very effective. 2.Stakeout Operations

This is sometimes used when the police department gets a tip that a crime will occur at a certain place at a certain time. The officers hide out until the crime starts, then try to apprehend the criminals. This is very dangerous and does end in deaths especially if the criminal would rather have a shootout instead of giving up. There are pros and cons to this type of tactics, but it does work, in some instances. This tactic is also used at times where there is a certain pattern of crime going on. If they know that a certain type of crime goes on, and it has an established pattern, the officer can wait nearby for it to occur and apprehend the criminal.

3.Sting Operations
This is one of my favorite tactics ,and I believe it is very effective. This allows the police to even retrieve stolen property in some cases. Sting operations are a time-consuming tactic that does not produce results that will happen overnight. Sting operations do not necessarily reduce crime but it does get criminal off the streets and recover stolen property. This tactic has also been used in catching members of congress and officials that were doing things illegal. If there are times when there...
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