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Project 2

Read the scenario and complete the following activity.

This is a problem-solving exercise that requires demonstration of planning and contingency planning skills, leadership, effective decision making, and implementation, monitoring and evaluating competencies.

Once you have completed the activity, fill in the response sheet and submit that also.

You are part of a sales team which has been sent overseas to promote your organisation and negotiate new sales contracts. During the trip conditions in the country you are visiting suddenly become unstable. The airport is closed and the streets are unsafe. There are unfriendly militia in the streets and the locals are armed and angry.

The team is forced to take refuge in a run-down hotel outside of the town. You have your sales notes and promotional materials with you. You also have a small amount of food, mainly snack foods, and some drink containers. There are no shops nearby and even if there were, it would be too dangerous to venture out.

You were able, luckily to contact your organisation’s headquarters back home, prior to your move to the hotel, and arrange a helicopter rescue. Times and details have been organised, but your lines of communication were cut after you made the arrangements.

It will only be safe for the team to leave the hotel at night. Two friendly locals have agreed to guide you to the landing zone where you have arranged to meet the helicopter. As the other locals in the area are hostile, talking in English is not permitted while the team is en route to the landing zone. There are no street lights, the moon is not visible, and therefore you will effectively be blind.

The other members of the sales team are looking to you to take on a leadership role as they believe that you are the best person to do so.

At the landing zone it is safe to use English; however, it is still too dark to see anything. Your rescuers informed you that materials to construct a contact

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