Pro-Social Behavior

Topics: Psychology, Altruism, Social psychology Pages: 3 (813 words) Published: March 20, 2011
Pro-social Behavior
Peggy Reeves
March 14, 2011
Dr. Keisha Anthony

Pro-social Behavior
Pro-social behavior is important to social psychologists. The argument of what motivate someone to help someone else has been going on for many years and will be going on for many more probably. This author will briefly summarize the argument of altruism versus egotistic, evaluate the argument, and give a personal opinion on the subject of altruism versus egotistic. Altruism or Egotistic

To determine altruism, it is important to identify some points of which the” egotistic and altruistic interpretation differ at a behavioral level” (Nier, 2010, p. 379). The conceptual distinction between egoism and altruism was determined to be first “the end-state goal, not the behavior” (Batson, Duncan, Ackerman, Buckley, & Birch, 1981, as cited by Nier, 2010, p. 379). Second can be a combination of both altruism and egotistic and third, “increasing the other’s welfare is both necessary and sufficient to attain an altruistic end-state goal” (Batson et al. (1981) as cited by Nier, 2010, p. 379). According to Ciaidini, Schaller, Houlihan, Arps, Fultz, and Beaman (1987) “an empathic orientation causes individuals viewing a suffering victim to feel enhanced sadness” (p. 759). Yes

According to Batson, et al. (1981) individuals helps other for altruistic reasons. They believe empathic feelings are the motivation for helping. Empathic is defined by Eisenberg (2000) as “an affective response that mimics another person’s emotional state” (as cited by Fiske (2010), p. 365). Batson, et al. (1981) states the cost of helping can be measured. Their argument is if a person helps because of personal distress this would be egotistic . According to Batson, et al. (1981) experiments individuals “difficulty of escape had no effect on subjects’ readiness to help” (p. 301). No

According to Cialdini et al. (1987) individuals help others for egoistic reason. The reasoning behind helping...
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