Pro Quality of Life

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Pro Quality of life Today

Our quality of life is represented by several things; our level of comfort, enjoyment and our ability to pursue daily activities of living. Today the quality of life for people is greatly better than the quality of life back in the mid to late 1800's. There are three main aspects in today's world that make the quality of life today better for everyone but also in particular the children in New Canaan High School. They are our laws and our government, our transportation and our entertainment.

First of all, the laws and government that govern us greatly add to our high quality of life. One main characteristic of our laws and government that increase our quality of life is our freedom. Freedom is taken for granted by most people today. Without freedom many of your decisions and actions would be gone. Some things like talking to your friends in the hall or things you say over the phone could be monitored. Also the clothes you wear could be the same as everyone else's if it was not for freedom of expression. If we did not have the freedom to worship any religion we choose in school we might have religious practices and everyone would most likely be forced to follow that religion by the government. In this regard the many freedoms that we have are taken for granted while they have a large impact on improving our superb quality of life. Another way in which the laws and government provide us with an excellent quality of life is by providing us with a just society. Our society is just in several ways, one of which is democracy another is the fairness presented to us by our government.

Second of all, the quality of life that we have here in America and especially in New Canaan is quite good due to the technology we have. In particular the technology we have for entertainment. I think that most of the children in this high school would be surprised at how drastically different their life would be if they could...

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