Pro Death Penalty Speech

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Pro Death Penalty Persuasive Speech

It is October 1978 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Roger Stafford; his wife, Verna; and his brother, Harold entered the Sirloin Stockade restaurant and without any remorse or sympathy, brutally gunned down 6 people, 4 of them young teenagers.The gruesome scene depicted five bodie piled atop each other, their blood forming a slick pool that covered the floor and stained the surrounding boxes of ground beef patties and Wisconsin blue cheese. That was not Staffords’ first killings, less than a month before this trio of cold-blooded killers fatally shot a North Dakota family of three. Verna Stafford first lured the family driving in their car, pretending to be a stranded motorist. She first shot Melvin Lorenz when he failed to turn over all his money. His wife, Linda Lorenz, was shot by Roger and Harold when she came running to help her husband. With both of them still alive, the trio again pounded their bodies with bullets, then kidnapped their only son of 12 years, Richard. In utter terror, the young boy attempted to yell out for help out of the moving car's window. Roger became enraged and without any feeling of sympathy for the young boy stuck a gun through the window and shot the boy. Still alive, Richard Lorenz was driven about a mile, removed from the camper and shot again. These inhumane and senseless killings deserve nothing less than a death sentence and that is exactly what was awarded to Roger. I believe the death penalty should be implemented for heinous crimes such as cold-blooded murder. I will first present some history regarding the death penalty in the United States. Approximately 7900 persons have been sentenced to death and 1184 executed from 1976-2009. An average of 0.2% of those were executed every year during that time. Ninety-eight murderers were executed in 1998, a record number for the modern death penalty. This represented 1.8% of those on death row. The average time on death row for those 98 executed - 11 years, 2 months an all time record of longevity. There are currently 35 states that implement the death penalty today versus fifteen that do not. Forty five percent of death row inmates are white and forty two percent are African American. A recent gallop poll taken states the public opinion for the death penalty is 65%.

One reason that I am in favor of the death penalty is that the death penalty will surely bring a mental ‘closure’ and fresh beginnings to the families of violent crimes. This includes the innocent children who are in many cases robbed of a loving parent or parents at the hands of evil murderers. The victim's families are experiencing severe grief and stress because of the irreparable loss of their family member. The subject of the death penalty will arise when there is loss of human life, particularly the way in which the precious human life is eliminated. To see or know that a heinous killer is allowed to go free or even spend life in prison seems like the killer is getting away with murder.We all have a choice to do right or wrong. If we do wrong, we deserve to be punished. These killers have no regard for how precious life is so I feel their life should be treated the same. These killers have robbed the victim of living their life to the fullest and punish the victims families as well. How many murder victims would have grown up to be doctors, scientists, or even President? We will never know. Many victims families cannot go back and live their normal lives without the feeling that the monster who killed their loved one is living a normal life, even if it is behind the bars. It is also not humanely or morally correct to let a gruesome killer free. The death penalty will give the family the feeling that the killer or killers of their loved ones has also been punished. In addition, the death penalty should not be abolished because while their victims are in the grave, the murderer...

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