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I QAISER QADEER QADRI under signed hereby declare that the project report on “BRAND POSITIONING OF PRIYA GOLD ” complied and submitted under the guidance of Mrs. PRIYA RATHI is my original work. The empirical finding in this reports are based on the annual reports of the company. While preparing this report, I have not copied material from any report.

M.B.A. III Sem.
Roll No. 0714670099
PHONE NO 9906407001
Presenting a research report of this type is an arduous task, demanding a lot of time. I cannot in full measure reciprocate the kindness shown and contribution made by various persons in this endeavor. I will remember all of them with gratitude. I must, however, especially acknowledgement by indebtedness to Mr. J.S. Rawat (Area Sales Manager, Surya Food and Agro Limited) who have been source of continuous guidance and inspiration to me. My sincere thanks towards.

I am extremely gratified to Mrs. Sakshi Sharma (H.O.D., Management, BDS-IM, Meerut) & Mrs. Priya Rathi (Faculty, Management, BDS-IM, Meerut) who was extremely helpful in offering his professional expertise and bestowing me practical knowledge in all spheres related to the whole organization working.

I am really appreciative to this organization (Surya Foods and Agro Limited, including all employees) for full co-operation, support and motivation that helped me a lot in completing my project here.


As an integral part of my academic studies as a student of “Master of Business Administration: I have done my Research project report in a progressive and esteemed organization “Surya Foods & Agro Limited”.

I am interested with a project on Consumer behavior as I am seeking of marketing. My topic is based on the Brand Positioning of priya gold in India & which service is most projects by the market share of Priya gold in Lucknow among the different category of people for this I conducted a survey in Lucknow (U.P.) with the help of questionnaires developed by me.

I am giving the following report, I have tried to find out the behavior of the consumer its means to say that which service is mostly prefer by the consumer in Lucknow region. I have also tried to find out the strength & weakness of Priya gold. I have tried my best collect and useful information analyzes and interprets the date and finally present unbiased impeccable and useful recommendation in the following report.


Company profile
Distribution network
Product profile
Distribution system
Objective of the study
Research methodology
Data collection
Data analysis
Order forms

AMONG fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies that are more inclined to freezing their ad budgets, the biscuits category has emerged as a tough cookie with higher advertising sbiscuitsds and improved visibility across media.

According to AdEx India, a division of TAM Media Research, which has been tracking food sector promotions, advertising in the biscuits category on television has grown by 39 per cent in 2003 as compared with 2002. Britannia Industries and Parle Products top the list of advertisers with nearly 35 per cent and 33 per cent of the advertising respectively, while Surya Food & Agro Pvt Ltd with its Priya Gold brand retains the third position. ITC Ltd stands fourth.

"Biscuits as a category have grown by around 8-10 per cent since last year, with enhanced competition across the category. Brands such as Priya Gold have come out of their local fold, and are competing nationally. ITC's Sunfeast has also widened the category further," said Mr Pravin Kulkarni, Marketing Manager, Parle Products Pvt Ltd.

Apart from increasing competition, a shift in consumer attitude has spurred the...

Bibliography: Chairman of surya Agro & Foods Ltd recieves the International Quality Crown Award in London, December, 2004.
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