Privatization Prison Privatization

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Prison Privatization
Prison Privatization

This paper deals with issues of privatization of prison and the pros and cons of the subject matter. First, what is prison privatization? Prison privatization means the transfer of prison functions from the government sector to the private sector. This can take various forms in the case of prisons. One of the reason why there was a need to allow privatization is the problems of prison overcrowding and high costs may be the "privatization" of prisons. By using the private sector to build or manage prisons, many states believe that they can reduce costs. So far, most state correction agencies have used the private sector only to manage minimum-secure or non-secure "community" correction centers, such as juvenile institutions and halfway houses. Currently over half the states have passed legislation to allow for this form of prison privatization. I support the use of privatization for our jail system; I believe privatization of the jail system would allow these facilities to operate through a coordinated and cost-effective management approach. Work cooperatively with state and local governments to obtain needed detention bed space and services. Operate efficiently and effectively the Justice Prisoner and inmates in general by securing our communities and at the same time rehabilitating the inmates.

The privatization of the jail system would help to better protect the public, the issue of over-crowed in the state own jail would be a thing of the past - once the jails are privatized. The primary concern of the justice system around the country is to ensure that the public are well protected. It is however impossible to achieve these goals if our prison system is over-crowded and futile. For instance, incarceration statistics have skyrocketed, crime rates have increased much more slowly. In fact, from 1975 to 1985, the serious crime rate actually decreased by 1.42 per cent while the number of state and federal prisoners...
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