Privatization of prisons research paper

Topics: Prison, Criminal justice, Economics Pages: 3 (750 words) Published: June 15, 2015
Bryce Amick
English 201A
22 April 2015
With rising incarceration rates in the United States, we need to find a way to lower cost of keeping prisoner locked up. There are many ways to lower cost, but the clear and best answer is privatization of prisons. Private prisons help dramatically reduce cost to the state, take about half time to construct and alternative sectors inject computation among both private and public organizations. So, should more prisons become privatized? Private prisons can reduce cost sufficiently without cutting corners. Peter fickle, journalist for Dailey Caller, found that “an average savings of about 9.75 percent. However, when long-run expenses are the basis for comparison, as they are for seven of the 10 states in the study, average savings exceed 25 percent.” (Fickle) These savings can be a substantial amount of money when according to the Department of Justice the average cost of operating a prison is 39 billion dollars. With all this extra money being saved we could put money into education and prevention of crime. The main reason that it is cheaper to run a private prison is the employees are not paid as much as the state or federally ran prison. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that federal and state correction offers make a mean wage of $54,310 while private correctional officers only made a wage of $30,460. In addition, private prisons in California have work programs where inmates may work in parts of the prison or on supervised projects outside the prison saving money and generating revenue. Some say that this is unjust because they private companies are making money on people being out in jail, but this is nonsense when you look at the real numbers and see how much taxpayer money is being saved. Overcrowding of prisons is a huge problem in United States prisons. The American Jail association reports that 8.4% of all inmates are held in private prisons and since the 1980’s there has been a 784%...
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