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Nowadays, privatization is widely practiced in many countries to the economic and social aspects of the their citizens. Do you agree or disagree?
In this highly globalized world of today, privatization has been practiced by a number of governments in order to boost the economic and social developments in their countries. However, some people are against it, claiming that this system, far from improving the situation, can make it worse. It is my contention that transferring public services and facilities into private sections should be welcome on some conditions.

Obviously, handing over public services and businesses into private enterprises has resulted in many profits. First of all, the standards of health care, transport and education has remarkably been promoted under private ownership. What is more, red tapes, which are unnecessarily time-consuming, has been a thing of past under private control. For example, there is no more need to wait in line for a train ticket or for a medical treatment. Last, but not least, thanks to privatization, the market-oriented economy has flourished, bringing about enormous foreign investment in joint-ventures and consequently, job prospects for local people.

On the other hand, privatization has its own impact on some aspects. Even though the processes has become much more time-saving and convenient due to this system, the fees for services such as health care and education and fares for transport has dramatically ascended for the so-called improved quality of private facilities. For one thing, in Myanmar,a country with recent political reforms, the prices of the Yangon city circular railway tickets has increased from 10 to 20 times, leading to the disappointment and depression of the regular low-income passengers who had depended on the railway for its previous low prices. Furthermore, there is a likely complication of this system, which is the monopoly of the rich, namely capitalism. Last, but not least, the danger of foreign influence on domestic economy is also there, due to the open-door system.

In my opinion, although privatization is preferable for the sake of economic and social developments, it should be practiced with discretion. The government should take great care in transferring any kind of service and should also highly focus on the changes of this service afterwards. What is more, the government should listen to the public and fulfill the public requirements.

In conclusion, while I have given a positive attitude to privatization, I think that this system should be carefully practiced for the reasons mentioned above. Every government are fully responsible for making the best use of this system, taking every single potential into consideration in order to lead its own country to development.

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