Privatision of Education in India

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In a modern society, education is a very important sector. Education, at the individual level helps in the process of socialisation. At the level of society, it ensures that the traditional wisdom passes from one generation to the others and the new and modern knowledge is imbibed by the present generation. The government of every nation is particularly careful about the educational sector because it is crucial for the development of that nation. Thus traditionally the task of educating people has fallen on the government more, so, if the government has adopted welfare approach, as is done today by most nations.

But since the last decade or two the concept of the governance has changed. More and more governments are adopting the role of directing rather than intervening and financing. We, in India also have a welfare government. However, since the last decade India has taken the road to Iiberalisation. At the same time India has followed a gradual and cautious approach to liberalisation. In a liberal economy there is a dismantling of government sector initiatives and the task of economic activities devolves on the Private sector. It is in this context that we have debated upon privatisation of education.

Privatisation of education has both negative and positive fallouts. Therefore any discussion on privatisation of education must take into account both its positive and negative impacts. It has been argued that privatisation of education is necessary from several stand points. In the first place, education has become a very expensive venture which the government cannot afford. Secondly, the educational infrastructure of the government is poor. There are shortages of school buildings, teaching staff and other facilities. The government lacks resources. All these adversely affect the overall equality of education.It has also been suggested that since the government spends so much on education and is not able to reap the proportionate rewards due to several...
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