Private Versus Public

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Private versus Public
Final Draft
There are many thoughts and different concerns about whether or not private schools are better than public schools. There are some good qualities about public school, but there are even better qualities about private schools. Some believe that private schools or even home schooling does not provide the student with enough socialization, that the student will be more consorted in a public school. However, if the parents play their part in their children’s education, then the pupil will succeed much farther than in a public school. The parents can enroll their children in social events in the community, such as sporting events or social clubs. This also pertains very much to the home schooled children, which would have much more free time to socialize. Public schools are not performing well. The average SAT score is seventy-five percent lower than it was in 1963. Maybe this has something to do with the quality of the schools. Private schools have the money and the capabilities to ensure a proper education. The private schools achieve this goal with the help of the parents and the money paid for tuition. Some private schools require the parents to be sometimes overly involved with their children’s education, from attending fundraisers to chaperoning school trips and dances. Having the parents involved in their children’s education provides a stable environment for the students because the more that parents are around the more the students will want to achieve his or her goals. The teachers also play an important role in the private school system. The teachers that are hired in a private school are more concerned with each individual student rather than a public school teacher who is concerned with the students as a whole. Private schools have much smaller class sizes; therefore the teacher can be more focused on each person. A private school can offer a better education based on the fact that...
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