Private Transport Versus Public

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Public Transportation Versus Private

There are some people that prefer to use private transportation when getting around, others prefer using the public, which one is better? In this following essay I will bring up three arguments of the other side and rebut them with my opinion. The arguments are as follows: using private transportation is convenient, unlimited and environmental.

First, I will argue the convenience issue. What it more convenient than waking up in the morning, get ready for the day, hop in your car and drive to work? You don’t have to worry about waiting in the bus station and praying that the bus will come on time and that you won’t be late to work or anything that you need transport to get to. Contrary to that, what happens when you hop into your car, start driving to work and then all of a sudden your car turns off and doesn’t budge? Now what happens is a nightmare story. You call your loyal garage, explain what happened and where you are and have them send a tow truck. The tow truck doesn’t just come in a snap! When the tow arrives finally, you then join him to the garage, etc. By the time you are all done, you are obviously late to work! Wouldn’t it have been easier to just take public transport and save the crucial morning hassle? Save yourself all the maintenance headaches and use public transport.

Next, I will argue the limitation issue. When having your private transport you don’t need to worry about getting to a certain place. Your car can take you to almost any place, as long as you have the exact directions. You are unlimited as with using public transport you are most of the time limited. On the other hand, nowadays there is almost no place that public transportation can’t take you. Companies were aware to the problem that their buses don’t reach everyplace. Over the past years the use of public transport has increased because public trans. companies have expanded their range of places that their buses...
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