Private Securtiy Laws

Topics: Security guard, Security, Police Pages: 2 (897 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Private Security Laws Ehren Bernett SEC/350 Legal and Regulatory Issues in Security Management Julie Martinez 10/20/2014 Private Security Laws in South Carolina Within the state of South Carolina any/all private security company, entity, or person must apply and be approved for a license through the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, also known as SLED. SLED is essentially South Carolinas branch of the FBI, and there are four regions throughout the state. According to the Administrative Regulations Effective June 23, 2006, there are very strict stipulations to being qualified to obtain a private security license within the state, and it is solely at the discretion of SLED whether or not the application is approved. Chapter 73-400 of the regulations states, Once an application is approved, the name for the licensed entity must also be approved by SLED. Any materials, equipment, supplies and advertising used by the company must not imply and type of affiliation with law enforcement or any other governing agency. Chapter 73-400 also talks about an annual fee payable to SLED each year by the private security business, as well as blue lights having to be approved on private security vehicles in accordance with SLED regulations. The word security must be displayed at all times identifying the security company so people dont mistake the vehicle as law enforcement. Each employee of the company must obtain and retain a SLED certified private security training certificate prior to employment. The employee must also complete period training courses through SLED. To coincide with the laws governing licensure of a private security firm are the license requirements necessary to become a security professional in South Carolina. In the state of South Carolina both unarmed and armed security guards are required to have a license to work. The license must be secured through the company for whom he/she is employed. The license is then handled by SLED. On...

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