Private Security

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First, US Freight Railroads, are part of the Freight Rail network, they are privately owned and operated, and are a $60-billion-dollar year industry with 140,000 miles of track. Private security companies are hired to watch over rail car that carry hazardous waste material, passengers, and or other valuable material being transported. Railroad employees need to coordinate with private security in order to ensure the merchandise arrives safely across America which is a definite necessity.
Second, Pipeline Network are a major concern of safety throughout the US. These pipelines networks carry the nations natural gas, hazardous material, crude oil and other various liquids. While visiting Alaska, I was able to view the important use of Private security along the Alaskan pipeline. Private security is hired to drive the routes from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez, where the oil is put onto tankers. These private security officers drive the pipeline daily. They get out of their car and checking on this massive pipeline frequently. I was able
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There is not enough security in neighborhoods to prevent these thefts form taking place. I have met several families whom have been victims and have been traumatized by these events. They thought they had taken better precautions, but unbeknown to them the precautions they took were not good enough. Some of the business that hire private security really do not need them, some of these businesses are small and covered by insurances. Yes, insurance carriers can drop you, and your insurance can go up, but if you are already in a building that is secured with other businesses, what is the need for additional security? This seems such a waste of valuable resources that can be used somewhere else. In the prevention of loss of life or property within our

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