Private Schools vs Public Schools

Topics: Independent school, Private school, Teacher Pages: 2 (559 words) Published: January 30, 2012
Having an education is the most important thing in everyone’s life, being an educated individual gives a person many benefits through out life. When a person has education they have confidence, better understanding of the world, problem solving skills, better quality of life, and more social with others. When a person gets the right education it id ones passport to a good life and ones future depends on how well one uses there education. In this new society students don’t look at education as the way I explained it on first paragraph and parents want to blame the school system and seek private or public for there child. At the end of the day it all start at home parents have to get involved with there children education far as checking homework afterwards, going to meetings and programs , and getting to know there children teachers. Instead parents seem to say it’s the public school system or the private school system that doesn’t work with there child correctly. According to “Kennedy”, (2012) in the education world there is two different school systems public schools which receives funds from the state and government and private schools receive funds from the children parents and charities. It is also stated that public schools are larger school wise and student population than private schools. According to a survey at public schools there is more students assigned to a classroom than a private school and the reason is because public schools is free education meaningless attention to students compared to private schools with smaller classrooms. “Sandhyarani”, (2011) states in article that by public schools being free there academic curricula and programs offered are not refined like private school system. This means both schools offer the same programs and standardized tests but the state decides what the public schools learn and private school have there own assessment system. Also in public schools they experience a very high rate of drop outs...
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