Private School Vs Public School

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Private School Vs Public School: Some differences to consider before making a decision

Private School Vs Public School: Some Differences to Consider before Making a Decision Education is a vital issue today. Choosing where to send their children to school is one of the hardest decisions parents have to make. Should they enroll their children in an expensive school? Or should they enroll them in a public school, in order to save money? Will the child still get a quality education? Will the child succeed in his/her studies? Will the child get the right values and grow up to be a proper citizen? These are just a few of the questions that a parent should ask him or herself before enrolling his/her child in school. There are two types of schools from which parents have to choose to send their children for an education: private and public schools. These schools have similarities but are very different. In order to make a good decision, parents should know the differences between one and the other. Those differences lie in admission, financing, and management process. According to a comparative study, Public schools admit more applicants (36 percent) than did private schools (23 percent) and were less likely than public schools to admit students on the basis of test performance (55 percent and 65 percent respectively). Private schools retain the right to select their students. They accept any student it wishes according to its academic and other standards. It is not required to give a reason why it has refused to admit anyone. . Admission age to Dominican children is in most private institutions starting from two years old. By contrast, public schools must accept all students within their jurisdiction with few or any exceptions, and they start from five years old with initial level. Private schools, also known as independent schools or nonstate schools, are not administered by local, state or national governments are funded in whole or in part by charging...
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