Private Peaceful: Book Review

Topics: Love Pages: 3 (1100 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Book: Private Peaceful
Literary essay

There are always something complicated going on in this world. One of the biggest is love. Conflict occur from to much love, or a happy ending comes from love. Love is a beautiful thing everyone goes through. Some people give up things in order to achieve love. Someone can break to rule to find love. One person may love someone but the person does not love back. In “Private Peaceful”, the characters go through a complicated love.

The protagonist’s mother is a caring person for her children. Whenever there is a problem where someone was discriminating or being unfair towards her children, she does everything to stop this situation. Even though it might lead to a big problem. When she has to go work at the colonel’s house to work as a servant, she calls Grand Ma wolf to look after the children. However when she realizes that Grandma wolf was being mean and was being unfair, she kicks the woman out of her house. “There were wonderful blazing arguments between her and Grandma Wolf, mostly about how grandma wolf treated Big Joe. Mother Said that now she was home, she wouldn’t stand for it any more. We listened to every word, and loved every moment of it” (pg. 39~40) She is a very fair and protective and loving mother of these three boys. Therefore, the protagonist loved his mother because he knew that no one can be mean or unfair to him for any reason. As the events happen, the two brothers get caught while hunting for food for the family who were starving in the Colonel’s land and they get punished to clean up the farming place. Their mother volunteers to help them with their cleaning. “ ‘Its all right big Joe. I will go up there with them tomorrow cleaning the kennels I don’t mind - you deserved that. But it stops there. I would not let that man lay finger on you, not one finger, no matter what.’’’ (pg. 50) As she says this the power of love is felt here. The mother needs to protect her children and she...
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