Private Health Insurance

Topics: Insurance, Health care, Disability insurance Pages: 1 (283 words) Published: April 9, 2014
Private Healthcare Insurance
Nowadays, healthcare issues become a big attention to the people in the world. People always want to be healthy, while in the meantime, the risk to be suffered by the diseases are high. By this, illness can come anytime and anywhere. To anticipate this, some people rely on healthcare insurance. Although healthcare insurance has some benefits, it has disadvantage in some conditions. However, people have to have some consideration before they apply the healthcare insurance. Most of the reason for people who apply the healthcare insurance is to get the safety for healthcare guarantee. When they are going to hospital, the healthcare insurance will help them to pay some of hospital expenses. This safety feeling is caused by moving the health risk to the insurance company. The other reason is, some people think that health insurance are becoming savings for them. At the specified time, they can claim their insurance to withdraw their money. On the other hand, beside the benefits of the healthcare insurance, there are also some disadvantages. Firstly, the people who has a healthcare insurance policy have to pay insurance premium routinely. But if, they can’t pay it, the insurance company will reduce or lose their insurance premium. Secondly, the healthcare insurance only cover some certain condition. For example when the people are applying for the healthcare insurance only for illness by disease, they not cover for healthcare insurance for accident. In conclusion, there are some benefits of healthcare insurance to give safety of healthcare to the people. However, there are some disadvantage, especially for the middle class citizen. If government help to cover the citizen healthcare, the citizen will feel safely for the healthcare issues.
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