Privacy Laws And Security Measures

Topics: Privacy, Internet privacy, Security Pages: 6 (1102 words) Published: April 9, 2015

Privacy, Laws, and Security Measures
Percy A. Grisby II
Computer Ethics
January 23, 2015
Professor Sonya M. Dennis

Privacy is the rights an organization or an individual has to collect, disclose, retain and use their personal information (Subramanian, 2008). When we talk about privacy, most of the times it deals with private information which is the information that are linked directly or indirectly to an individual. Private information helps identify customers, employees and other stakeholders of the organization (Verlag, 2012). Many organizations today are facing privacy issues which can ruin their businesses and information networks. When an organization is concerned with information on medical or health conditions, matters to deal with finances, political opinions and others such as information’s on offenses or criminal investigations, then the law defines these issues as sensitive personal information. These pieces of information are supposed to be handled with a lot of care. In this information age where everything is technological based, there is an invasion of private space. These threats such as spam, cookies and click stream are just few examples of the challenges the organizations that are relying on IT are facing. Let’s look at some of the private issues that organizations are facing. One, there is consumer privacy which is not at all new. When consumers fill in their personal and private data, they have to keep on being worried as they wonder how the government and the organizations are using this information. A great number of people are getting into the internet and accessing the private internet’s information. This has left consumers with a lot of discomforts. Secondly, most consumers who use credit cards to make electronic purchases are faced with a major threat of fraud. Non-credit worthy orders of amount to more than one- sixth of all the purchases made through the internet. Everyone who faces these challenges have all the reasons to get worried. Any issues that are concerned with finances are so sensitive and this means that it is a serious private issue. Thirdly, today most of us use electronic mail for communication. It is the easiest way of communication because it has a lot of advantages. Most of the organization use this means to communicate. There is however a great challenge. This is the concern over the increase in the junk e-mail or also known as sperm. Any organization that is not up to date on IT is seemingly lagging behind. This comes with a lot of strain because now and then the information communicated can be hacked and this can result to information getting into unauthorized hands. The above privacy issues relate mostly to technology. In the sporting goods store, most of the activities, that are; maintaining an internal network and intranet protected by farewell, accept credit card sales in the store and over the web via e-commerce transactions and even the others relate to technology (Verlag, 2012). A security risk is a situation or situations that pose a possible threat to the security of something. To protect private information, it requires identification of this risks and getting the means of how to eliminate them. Everyone in an organization is responsible to identify and to protect privacy risks. Privacy risks are operational risks that cause losses either directly or indirectly. This can result from failures that result from internal processes, staff issues and external events. There are laws however that govern privacy risks as described below. Constitutional right to privacy; these rights give individuals protection from unwarranted governmental intrusions. It doesn’t however to all aspects of citizen’s daily lives, but only when the government invades their privacy. This law is provided through the constitution. Another law is the current state privacy regulations such as COPPA that is responsible for websites that collect information from...

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