Topics: Law, Internet, E-mail Pages: 4 (1324 words) Published: May 9, 2003
It is just part of rules that some American private companies offer, there are many others rules which had been made and could be followed. But for Chinese industry there are less such industry moral principle to follow .In another aspect, only to take the way of self-regulation for industry, only to depend on the self-regulation of private detective company and the conscious of its employees, it is not enough obviously. So in America, the government still made several acts to restricted the industry, and protect the privacy. And for China the situation is different. Majority of people do not receive too well education, and quality of majority is not trustful, so we must make complete law, but not the model of self-regulation of people themselves. And we know there is no enough law about the protection of privacy especially for the Internet privacy of Chinese citizens. And in my opinion, Chinese government is in urgently needed to build law of privacy especial for the Internet privacy, and it should emphasize these following points.

Principle 1 make clear the range of internet privacy, it will benefit to the judgments in law case. Principle 2 make clear how the data of individual in Internet is collected legally, and how the personal information in web site be used legally. Principle 3 emphasize on the protection of the peace for people to surf on the Internet, and avoid they were disturbed by spasm e-mail illegally. Principle 4 make specific act about the protection of children¡¯s privacy, because it is some different from the adult, and we can learn some from the children¡¯ privacy protection act in America. Principle5 make clear how to punish people who infringe other¡¯s privacy and digital privacy surely, in order to fulfill some vacuum of criminal law in China.

4.2 for Individual

For individual, we should do more education, and make them to know the importance of their privacy, to be more careful when they was requested for the personal...
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