Topics: Bank, Student, Education Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: October 20, 2013
Privacy Concerns
With the improved technology, our personal privacy are no longer private and safe. I concerned the most in this topic, would be the safety of my personal property and my personal information. I usually make a good use on the online banking websites, online stores, in order to deal with stocks. I also use friendly on some social websites, such as facebook, e-mails and twitter. There are usually scams created by scammers and privacy information stolen by hackers. Other than the privacy loss which affected by technological perspective, I would be concerned the student privacy at school as well. Generally speaking, personal property which includes money, credit card numbers, and privacy information such as my date of birth and identity card numbers, and also the student privacy, that would affect my reputation at schools are the major concerns of mine. For the privacy loss, the risk of paying money through online stores and the banking systems through online banking are high. According to the, Chargin Falls, an entrepreneur of a plastic recycling company, have been hacked by a hacker when he was dealing with the online payment through online banking. He lost 50,000 american dollars within a second as he enrolled into a phony, but looks a really similar with the real banking website. (Regan 2) Those hackers are able to check out all of Chagrin’s personal information and the CIV numbers behind the card. Ridiculously, they can even remove the daily limits of the amount that the cardholders can withdraw. Unfortunately, his bank would not cover his loss. For me, as an international student, I usually receive money from my parents through the wire transfer systems. I used to check my balance and the amount of money, that they have sent, in order to ensure whether the money is arrived. To the continuously progression of technology, it would encourage, or even spoil the bad people to harm the innocent victims, like Chargin. I am also paying...

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