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Privacy – Such a Lonely Word
Examining the Implications of User Privacy to Corporate Management

Privacy – Such a Lonely Word
Examining the Implications of User Privacy to Corporate Management The concept of privacy has moved more and more toward the forefront of people’s minds since the attacks of September 11th, on the World Trade Center in New York. Privacy is not necessarily about ‘hiding something’ but it is more of a ‘liberty’ that many would argue is under attack by the government (Schneier, 2006). The concept of privacy is still something that can be contested in a court of law however, and as a result, user privacy is also coming to the front of issues in the workplace. Management needs to recognize the value of privacy, and understand the consequences of abusing powers where user privacy is concerned. Like any other risk in a business, poorly managed privacy controls represent a key risk that is not necessarily technical in nature, but can be exercised over a technical medium. Anderson (2010) states that within the digital world there are more opportunities than ever before for a breach of privacy to occur that can have significant negative implications to the future of a business. Not only do managers have to concern themselves with the privacy of data involving their customers but they need to be aware of legislation and court cases involving privacy, the likes of which may require certain policies to be altered or at least reviewed to protect the organization in cases of litigation. The Center for Democracy and Technology website (2013) offers an impressive list of existing federal laws that relate to privacy. There are 24 existing federal privacy laws and more being created all the time. Aside from having to remain cognizant of regulation regarding privacy, managers should be aware of how new technologies can shape the direction of policy within their organization. For example, social networking has become a huge way to connect people...
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