Prisons of the Future

Topics: Crime, Prison, Death Penalty Pages: 2 (467 words) Published: April 23, 2012
Prisons of the future
Will there be more people on probation or more people in jail? Yes to both, there will always be crime. Most likely a large increase in the near future due to the incredible rise in crime within the juvenile population, which in turn leads to more adult criminals. Our prison systems of the future need to be looked at from a proactive point of view before reforming the prisons themselves. Lawmakers need to look at making sure that the punishment fits the crime and then is carried out in the proper facilities. I feel that we should work closer and harder on rehabilitating the juvenile offenders. Be harder on the punishment and show them the importance of staying out the system, and hope that this makes them think twice about their life in crime. But if they do up in a detention center, then the center should have programs that instill work ethic and supply formal training to acclimate the offender into society. We have overcrowding in prisons now and this is going to continue to be a problem. For every crime there has to be an appropriate sentence that can and will be upheld. I also think that there should be separate prisons for certain crimes. Those who commit a minor offence verses those who have committed a crime that is much more severe need to have different facilities. I also think that it would be a good idea for the prisoners to pay room and board and showing a sense of responsibility. I see a future where, every able bodied prisoner will be working to pay for his or her stay. After all, most of us non-criminals, have to pay for a roof over our heads, why shouldn't they? I see less jail time for minor offenses. Many misdemeanors will get weekend time, dismissal for first offense, or more creative ways to serve out a sentence; like trash pickup, or working or projects like rebuilding schools, highways or bridges on their off hours. This will keep them in the work force, keep them from running up a jail bill, keep us from...
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