Prisons as Punitive or Rehabilitation

Topics: Prison, Crime, Punishment Pages: 2 (882 words) Published: February 9, 2012
Prisons as Punitive or Rehabilitation
The number of inmates in our prisons is increasing more every day. We need to find a more effective way of keep people from committing crimes and keep them out of our prison. The intervention of our prisons being punitive or rehabilitation in nature should change our prisoners. Restorative justice is a innovative movement for our prisoners to promote forward thinking (Furio,2002). Of course it is difficult to look at a murderer with the equal belief. The thought that correctional intervention would alter the minds of offenders to make them into less criminal goes back into our past. The idea of individualized treatment arises to help the inmate’s mental help which would change how they act. In rehabilitation the inmate are made aware of what he has don’t wrong and what his or her consequences are going to be (Welsey, 2003). When children are punished they are put in the corner to think about what they had done it wasn’t as helpful as it would have been to talk to them why they were being punished. Parents mentor their kids on way they should or should not do something. The same principles should be applied to the inmates today. When you hear parents that are aggravated because the children don’t care when I take there freedoms or toys, it’s the same when the kids grow up. Punitive punishment harbors hatred, distrust, rage and disrespect. If we have prisons where we just put the criminals in a cell doing nothing to help them it is just going to make them hateful that when they get out they are going to commit the same crimes they did before going to jail. We do not want warehouses that simply house the offenders but a place where they transform their spirits and living habits. If we don’t give the men and women something constructive to do but ponder their actions and learn to beat the system, to become a better criminal. The evident, mistaken tendency in many prisons is to intensify violence as a means of maintaining...
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