Prisons and security

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Prisons and security
An example of a state prison system is located in Huntsville Texas, and is the Texas department of Corrections. The department was established in 1849. Because of the strict controlled environment this facility because the facility to which all were modeled after. The growth of state prisons is mostly because of the fact that prison is supposed to be a cure all end all. People are sent to prison on the grounds that whatever happens there will be a deterrent for future infractions, but the prisons are not doing much in the way of rehabilitation or reformation. Instead they are concentrating more on housing the criminals for the entirety of their stay and if they come back, they will do it again. I think that one way to fix the growth problem even a little bit, is to focus more on rehabilitation and reformation, because in the long run if a person starts to think they are capable of better things and they are shown that they are, eventually it will start to manifest itself in increasing positive ways. Some facilities have already started to adopt this way of thinking, with the “Scared straight” program, they allow inmates to counsel at risk youths on the consequences of their actions. This is an inmate deterrent program and there is great evidence that this is working. It is allowing the in convicts and inmates to be a contributing member of society while still serving their time. The levels of security in federal prisons and state prisons are as follows; Maximum security, close high security, medium security, minimum security and open security. Some of the differences between these are the security measure taken, in a max security prison they have a higher guard to inmate ratio. In a close high security they are slightly more lax on the ration of guards to inmates. In a medium security prison they might be a little stricter than a close high, but most likely will have twice the ratio of inmates to guards than maximum security. Much like a...
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