Prisoners Worksheet

Topics: Prison, Sentence, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: November 1, 2011
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Appendix A

Prisoners Worksheet

Complete the worksheet by writing short responses to the questions in each row.

|How would you differentiate male and female |Men will join a gang and become a unit where women tend to be on there own or in a | |prisoner backgrounds? Is there a better |small group not so much like a gang. Women are also more suicidal than men and like | |solution to prisoner background |to cut themselves to relive stress. | |classification? Explain. | | | | | |How do state and federal prisoners differ? |When you go to a federal prison this is where you will serve most of your sentence.. | |What issues affect state versus federal |When released you usually get probation. As in a state prison you can be released on | |prisoners? |parole if you sever less than your sentence. Federal prison is also prosecuted by the | | |federal government rather than the state. They need different levels of security. | |What is the difference between jail inmates |Jail inmates are more referred to as those in a county or a local jail, where prison | |and prison inmates? What would happen if |inmates are in a state or federal factuality and keep for a longer period of time. | |jail inmates were assimilated into prison |Overcrowding is already a problem so that would out so well. This would also probably | |systems effective immediately? |cause one that is a jail inmate to get into a confutation with a prison inmate and | | |could possible give then a prison sentence....
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