Prisoner Worksheet

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Prisoners Worksheet

Complete the worksheet by writing short responses to the questions in each row.

How would you differentiate male and female prisoner backgrounds? Is there a better solution to prisoner background classification? Explain.

Female prisoners have backgrounds as mothers and are concerned about their kids, spouse/significant other, and family members. Men are more concerned about them and are more self-centered than women are. Women have a rough time being incarcerated than men. Men prisons have more gangs than women prison. I think there is a better solution to prisoner background classification such as classifying prisoners in groups according to their problems. Categories that should help rehabilitate prisoners that are drug users, first-time offender, or mentally ill. There need to be separate programs for each category.

How do state and federal prisoners differ? What issues affect state versus federal prisoners? State and federal prisons differ in that state prison overcrowded than federal prison. In state prison, there are inmates with crimes such as murder, rape, robbery, and sex-offenders. In federal prison, there are inmates with crimes such as immigration, terrorist attacks, drug charges, and fraud. State prisons have more inmates and not enough correctional officers than federal prison. State prisons have more riots than federal prison. What is the difference between jail inmates and prison inmates? What would happen if jail inmates were assimilated into prison systems effective immediately? The difference between jail inmates and prison inmates is that jail inmates is incarcerated from 24 hours or less to one year while prison inmates can be incarcerated from one year to life. Jail inmates are usually in jail awaiting trial and prison inmates are convicted of a crime and have been sentenced. If jail inmates were assimilates into prison systems effective immediately there would be...
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