Prison Violence

Topics: Prison, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 2 (280 words) Published: May 6, 2015

Prison Violence
Alex Garcilazo
Kaplan College Bakersfield

Mr. Fink
March 24, 2015

What are the different types of prison violence? From a social perspective identify and explain the different causes or prison violence and how it can be reduced.

The prisons in America seem to cause more problems than assistance in today's society. The country's penal system is overcrowded and some argue that is ineffective as well as inefficient. Prisons, which are supposed to be correctional facilities, are currently filled with violence and hostility. Inmates can be seriously injured or even killed in the violence spree in prisons. There is a deadly force in prison that is known as riots. Prison riots usually start because individuals want power and control of the prison. They want to be the head (leader) of the prison. Prisoners hang out in groups (gangs) that stick together, they stand up for each other and protect each other. They often fight to show power and greatness of their group. They hope that other gangs will fear them. When power or authority isn’t shown to the other prisoners, they then can become victims of rape and physical abuse. Other reasons for prison violence are when drugs are being brought into prison. The possessions of drugs show a sign of respect and are not targets for violence. Perhaps the most significant stressor of all in prison violence relates to prison overcrowding. Even individuals out of custody become tense and violent in cramped quarters; the problem increases for those who may already have limited coping skills. By releasing nonviolent offenders, placing them on parole and looking at the maximum utilization of prison spacing, prison violence can be reduced.
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