Prison Term Policy

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Special Population in Prison
Martin F Mazon
University of Phoenix
Introduction to Corrections
Jennifer Rhyne
March 16, 2011

Special Population in Prison
Prison officials in the United States have many obstacles to overcome when placing inmate in the right facilities. During the classification process inmates are scored in different areas such as education, health, institutional risk, public risk. Depending on the outcome of the score the inmate can be place in low, minimum, medium, maximum, and medical detention facilities. After the score is calculated the inmate will be sent to right facility, where his/her needs can be meet. During the classification process the classification officer will take in consideration the offence of the inmate. Depending on the offence the inmate can be a target for abuse and even death in normal population. There are several categories that fall under the special population in the prison setting; sex offender is one of them. Inmates incarcerated for sex crime tend to be at high risk for getting abuse, and also being killed. The majority of inmate accused of sex crime are place in protective custody for their safety. During incarceration inmate must attend treatment program that are mandated by their sentence. Some prison like the one located in Tucson, AZ specializes in the treatment of sex offenders. Sex offender treatment in Tucson, AZ offers evidence based education and treatment to help offenders in managing sexually exploitive behavior; assisting offenders to successfully reenter society; promoting pro-social values and behavior (Arizona Department of Corrections, 2011). Education/Treatment

Prison that deal with inmate prosecuted for committing a sex crime; get the opportunity to obtain education and treatment to try to change the behavior that caused to act on their instinct. The facilities like the one in Tucson, AZ offer sex offender’s education treatment program, sexaholics...

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