Prison Rehabilitation and Counseling

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Term Paper Week 5 Draft
Summary for Prison Rehabilitation and Counseling Programs
I chose to focus this term paper on the various programs offered to prisoners as part of their rehabilitation for introduction back into society. In today’s world there are many who believe that every one can be rehabilitated. The question should be asked; “does rehabilitation really work for everyone?” I will provide statistics on the success and failure rate, as well as which programs are most beneficial to prisoners. Whether rehabilitation and counseling works or not, something has to be done to assist prisoners in order for them to lead a normal life upon their release. I will discuss some of the many programs offered by various states ranging from “Pets in Prison” to obtaining college degrees. I will explain the various types of counseling offered to sex offenders, pedophiles and murderers. Those are a few topics I feel should have special interest in the counseling/rehabilitation area. I am sure most would agree that prisoners should receive some type of counseling and rehabilitation, but where do you draw the line on the rehabilitation services offered? Should the money from taxpayers be used to fund certain types of programs, how does the prison system decide who gets to participate in which programs, and how can counselors and judicial boards ensure there will be no regression? Those are just a couple of questions that will be answered throughout my report.

Structural Outline
1. Educational Services Offered
1a. Prison Entrepreneurship
2a. Prison Labor/computer repair program
2. Drug Rehabilitation
2a. Program Steps in detail for the Second Chance Program 3. Sex Offender Therapy
4. Alternative Programs to Prison
This research paper will enlighten the readers of the many different programs offered to prisoners. It will show how various states employ different rehabilitation and counseling services to prepare the inmate for their return into society. Statistics on the effectiveness of the rehabilitation programs as well as which programs have the highest success rate will be provided. This paper will also address the issue of what programs should be offered and which should not be offered. I will explain how some convicted persons are sent to a boot camp type setting instead of prison.

Prison Rehabilitation and Counseling Programs
Today illiteracy and criminal behavior is one of the main issues in corrections today. Due to many budget cuts some federally sponsored programs has been eliminated from prisons. Prior to 1994 inmates were eligible for Pell Grants to assist them with obtaining a bachelors degree. By mid-decade out of $22 billion dollars only 6% was allotted for vocational, educational or some sort of life skills training ( Although many prisons have decreased the educational aspect of rehabilitation some colleges and universities have adopted programs to assist inmates on the reentry into society and help them prepare to become a productive member of the community. Boston University provides a prison education program that was founded in 1972 and has issued more than 160 Bachelor of Arts degrees as well as some Master of Arts degrees. That is just one university that has taken an active role in trying to secure our nation with more rehabilitative services for inmates. Others that offer educational programs are Wesleyan University, Bard College, just to name a few, as well as professors and students from such universities as Georgetown University and Harvard. These professionals believe in reform instead of permanent incarceration. Almost all prisons in the United States offer a form of education to its inmates. Although the programs vary from state to state they are all designed to provide the participant with a start on the right path once they are released from incarceration. The...
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